WPS: When the Going Gets Tough

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WPS: When the Going Gets Tough

Words 151

 “I don’t want to go school.” Ronak whined.

“You got no choice.” Sara packed their lunch. “Hurry up Palak!”

Palak jogged her arm. “Mom can I stay over at Rima’s?”


“You’re mean!”

“And you’re late. Hurry!”

“Where’s my sweater?” A querulous voice called.

Damn. “Hurry!” Sara hustled them. “The bus is here!”

“Sara,” the husband popped up, “The boss is coming to dinner tonight.”

Ugh! Better soak chickpeas.

“Ma your sweater…”

“That isn’t mine.”

“Take it please.”

“I want mine.”

“Please Ma! I have a meeting.” Giving the crinkling tea a regretful look, Sara slipped the sandwich into her purse. “Bye!”


Rohit dropped into her cabin. “Need help with your presentation?”

“Almost done.” Sara gave thumbs up.


“Thanks Tullika,” Sara smiled, “Just make sure nobody disturbs me until the meeting.”


Sara slid into her chair, kicked off her heels and bit into her sandwich.

Thank God for office.


A/N Sorry I am terribly late (Sara’s story could be mine!) but the linky was open so I jumped in 😀  Thanks for reading!

Written for What Pegman Saw – a story in 150 words or less.  Thanks to K. Rawson for hosting the challenge and Google Maps for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.



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