CFFC: Happy

The topic for Cee’s fun foto challenge this week is Happy. This one is easy for Cee’s photos and challenges make me happy 😀 Of course there are lots of other things that make me happy – just as this forwarded message says it:


Some things that make me happy are

DinnerDinner with family with everyone agreeing it was a great meal 🙂

AirportWaiting at the airport! For it usually means that I am off to a new place or going back home – both are welcome 🙂

FriendsMeeting and chatting with friends and families 🙂

OfficeGoofing off in the office


Snapping a quick pic from the television to share with friends (look at those ear pieces!!!)

TruckOr just catch a glimpse of my favorite blue tractor 😀

SpaceI like my own little space to ruminate, and count all my blessings and gifts that are

GiftGift wrapped

Penny treeor virtual.

Since I like trees so much Penny emailed me this photograph – I was/am terribly touched and thrilled 🙂 “It’s a plane tree in Syntagma Square in Nauplio in Greece. The café extends right under the tree. There are seats for about sixty people under the canopy. The tree has been there for at least 100 years , a photograph from 1920 shows it to be a big tree even then.” Thank you Penny for your thoughtful gesture. 🙂


Cherish and treasure the lovely certificate issued voluntarily and unprompted by my (then) 9 year-old niece 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 1.02.38 pm

or the thoughtful chatty little notes left by someone somewhere on this earth :). Isn’t it amazing the bonds we form with people whom we have never met and will never meet? Yet, two of my most cherished friends are gifts of the cyber world 😀

DonutsPerhaps not the traditional Diwali sweets but they are yummy and sweet nonetheless. Thank you for your wishes Ferdi and happy Diwali to your too. Hope you like the sweets! 🙂 Feast as much as you like, leave aside your calorie counter 😉

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful, safe happy prosperous Diwali. 🙏

Do Photos Count?

“What are you doing Nani?”

“I am measuring the rice for cooking.”

“Why do you ritualistically put in some extra rice grains and then put back some in the container?”

“Traditionally we cook a little extra for an unexpected guest and make sure to keep some for tomorrow.”

“As if that tiny bit will help!” I scoffed. “Superstitious nonsense.”

“No harm done…”

“My cook’s son lost his job. There’s an opening for a driver but she refused.”


“The astrologer advised against it.”

I scrolled down for the Friday Fictioneer photo.

 Damn. Where could I spot a flying crow at night?


Words 101


Photo (c) Douglas M. Macllroy

Note: For the uninitiated, myna birds are very powerful and accurate fore-tellers.

  • One for sorrow (which can be dispelled if you spot a flying crow)
  • Flying one for success
  • Two for joy
  • Three for letter
  • Four for boy
  • Five for gift

I have no idea where this originated from but it is 100 % true especially the one for sorrow. Although I’m not sure if photos count 😉 Psst just in case you can’t find a flying crow, make a circle with your forefinger and thumb and cut (open it) with something (thrice!). 😀

Well I confessed mine 😛 What’s yours?

Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting it and Douglas M Macllroy for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt, click here.