A Survivor


Pre drum

You may cut

me to size

show me

my place

as many times as you wish.


is your nature

just as mine

is to rise

again and again


Four months was all that she took to begin yielding juicy drumsticks all over again.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees -292

Thanks for visiting – have a super Sunday 🙂

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22 thoughts on “A Survivor”

      1. Ahh but you are a survivor – they can mow down your lustrous locks, they will be back before you can blink – just dont look into the mirror until then 😉 Cheers

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      2. Haha ‘lustrous locks’ 😀 😀 😀 well I hope they grow back soon. Anger has gone away now anyways. Did you know my laptop had the brilliant idea to take a vacation as well? I dropped it accidentally and the shock killed the hard drive. Clearly not my month 😦

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