CFFC: Dishy Stuff

How swiftly the days pass! It’s time for another of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Pots, Pans, Dishes and Silverware. Since we are allowed to be creative, continuing from my earlier CFFC post of photos from the Salar Jung Museum, here are some more dishy goods 😉


A decorative bowl – I wonder what it was used for? Surely not soup 😉

JarPerhaps he washed his hands with water from this jug over the bowl – what do you think?


Another massive silver bowl – purely decorative purposes I am guessing.


A huge urn – I am out of guesses – what do you think?

BlueThis jar looks tiny and a bit lost doesn’t it?

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24 thoughts on “CFFC: Dishy Stuff”

  1. I liked the red decorative thingies in first pic. Is it a candle stand? I see someone peeking into the next bowl (mirror reflection) 😉 Peek-a-booooo 😀 blue jar looks like Aladdin’s lamp.

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  2. Lol! You did get me wondering if any of these silverware and porcelain got a workout with food or some drink. It amazes me how so many of them are made and then…just put there for display, or put behind some glass cabinet at home and that’s it. Then again, they must have taken hours and hours and maybe days to make, and so are rightfully works of art. I remember when I was younger, my parents liked shopping for them and always checked them out at the supermarket. They really liked the ones with flowery patterns. They never liked to use or even display the nice cutlery and dishes they bought – all were kept in the kitchen cabinets and drawers 😀 That blue jar is so, so, so cute! 😀

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    1. Have crockery but only for show😁 this was the mantra that was followed in most houses over here. And by default was passed down to us as well. I am trying to break out of it. With little success😅


      1. Only for show. So true right 😀 So India is also the same like Chinese culture, display the crockery and let it sit. Truth be told, some of them can fetch thousands of dollars and the risk of breaking them would be greater if you used it 😀 I hope you are using some nice plates and dishes these days 😉

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