CB&W: Alpha and Betas

Hello there, how’s the week been treating you so far? Oh well almost done and time to crash or live it up. Anyhow, I am here to have some fun with Cee’s latest B and W challenge – Letters A and B.

So without much ado – off we go

airportLet’s start at the Airport

busOr would you prefer to take the Bus?

boatHow about a Boat ride? Hmm tired with all that rushing around? Time to go back to our roots.

branchesRather, Branches 😉

bendingWhat do you think of these Branches, Bending over Backwards? A new hairstyle perhaps waiting to take the tree world by storm…

baaaBaaa wahahaaaaa 😀

Okay, okay fine fine, be that way…

building-2A picturesque historical Building.

budweiserThanks for joining me – you can have the Beer, I’ll have the water.

Go on, make my day, say something…