WPS: The Slave


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The Slave

 Words 150

The monsoon was impending and the heat sweltering. But that didn’t dampen the festivities. Attracted by the sound of ululation and conch shells, a gaggle of giggling girls rushed in.

Pushing and shoving, they jostled to catch a glimpse of the lucky bride as she entered her new home.

Unknown, grasping hands pulled at the enshrouded bride’s veil trying to see her face. Others reached out to weigh her gold chain.

“At least she can work in the paddy fields.”

“And bear many sons.” They tittered and nudged the groom.

“Come for a swim,” his friends called.

“Leave the poor boy alone. Gone are his carefree days. He’s his queen’s slave.” Raucous laughter resounded.

Sweating, he took off the wilting garland from around his neck. He pulled at his long scarf knotted with the edge of her sari and dumped them in her lap.

He ran to join his friends.


This is my entry to the flash fiction challenge What Pegman Saw inspired by any view of a given location on Google maps. The challenge is to write a story in 150 words or less. Thanks to K. Rawson for hosting this challenge. This week’s location is Amazon, Brazil. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here

Thanks for reading – dont just think, share your thoughts. Have a super weekend.

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