COB: Of This & That

It’s been a while since I posted Oddballs but nevertheless, since you are here, how about a cup of coffee?


One for you and one for me 😉

Now cast your eye upwards (after you scroll down)


I liked the wall decor but I couldn’t quite make out what the flying yellow man is doing up there. Providing competition to Spiderman and his ilk? And speaking of yellow…


Truly I had no intentions of capturing him this yellow man and wanted to delete the photo. But I found it weird that he is apparently jogging at a popular tourist attraction in Vienna – Schönbrunn Palace.

Odd isn’t it? But then again the palace grounds are extensive, perhaps he thought of killing two birds with one stone – sightseeing while working out 😀

What do you think?

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 117 and A Tangled Web -2

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17 thoughts on “COB: Of This & That”

  1. Like the lopsided cups 🙂 and thank you for the coffee (my favourite in the morning) on this special day for me 🙂
    Loved the wall decor and how this pic is taken… a pat on your back!! Interesting placement of the yellow man!!
    Hahaa, I like his discipline and dedication!!

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  2. Yes that yellow man is a puzzle!..not the one jogging..the one tied up with a rope to his feet and yet seems to be trying to scale that beautiful wall…the rough texture on the wall gives the art a raw look

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  3. I read this while not connected to WP – so I could not leave a comment – but the running man capture was an awesome find.

    also – those tea cups are so artsy – and was wondering what kind of tea is in there? Looks like heavy milk – is it chai.
    well I will accept your offer for tea and will take whatever is in the mug….

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    1. I was quite taken aback to see the yellow man in my photo – almost looked as if he had dropped into the photo after i had taken it 😀
      The cups are cool arent they? Actually it’s coffee – but you are right it could just as easily be chai. Out here we like to douse tea and coffee in loads of milk, tho I have kind of acquired the taste for black tea while my son is a black coffee guy 🙂 But you come over – I will make you whatever you like 😉 🙂

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