WPC: The Name Game

This week, the Daily Post’s photo challenge is about Names. Are you ready? Hmm, I wonder where to begin? Okay…

Let’s start at the very beginning – a very good place to begin 😀


Yummy delicious cake it was too! Nope not my birthday, but a dear friend’s. Time to move on…


Before going the ‘Xtramile’ how about filling up on the fuel with a pollution check to boot? By the way, isn’t the yellow black combination cool?


Or would you prefer an ‘auto’ ride? (Another yellow and black!).


Well I am in the mood to cheat – so here’s a bit armchair travel to Italy with photos shared by my sister 😀


Nope – that’s not my sister 😉


Time to head to Ross Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. Love the trees don’t you? But for a glimpse of some really special trees you need to visit the island. Or you could scroll down 😀


The mesmerizing captivating Ficus. Don’t go too close, she may just ensnare you too.

If you like to see and know more of the Ficus at Ross Island click here – Trees Shall Rule the World.

Thank you for your visit – do let me know your favorite, if any.