Two Trees


The tree in front is the Champa or the Plumeria tree. The most common variety that I have seen are with white flowers but this one is pink and there is one right across the street that is blood red. I believe the flowers are used to make perfumes. In winter, the Champa tree sheds all its leaves and I find that version equally if not more eye-catching.

The tree at the back is what is locally known as the Gulmohar or the Krishnachura (in Bengali)  – Delonix regia. It comes in a range of brilliant colors and when in full bloom the lush green vanishes in a flame of red, yellow and on occasion I have also seen pink and purple blooms. I wonder which color this Gulmohar is?

For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 266

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17 thoughts on “Two Trees”

  1. This post is an example of why I like Sunday trees- which is a challenge I only recently discovered – but I learn about different trees in diverse ways as bloggers show trees with their take….
    And I like the

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  2. Lovely picture. Frangipani is also called Plumeria. In Hawaii islands, I saw some unusual coloured flowers of Plumeria. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in growing them in the UK so I just enjoy them in their natural habitats.

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    1. There’s one with pink and white flowers, but strangely I have only seen them on the road never on the tree. Must make a greater effort to locate them on the tree 😀


  3. If the tree in the background is Gulmohar the flowers will be red/orange but if it is a jacaranda tree then the flowers could either be yellow or purple. Were you able to take a picture when the tree was in bloom?

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