SPF: Nipped in the Bud


Nipped in the Bud

Words 201


“Nothing’s impossible.” Chotti said woodenly. Be still you traitorous heart.

“That’s just talk.” He scoffed.

“Don’t challenge me.” Chotti glowered.

He snorted. “That’s rich coming from someone who is mentally and vertically challenged.”

“I am petite.” Chotti declared snootily, “You are vertically unchallenged.”

“So you admit to being mentally challenged.” He smirked.

“Better than being rude, obnoxious…”

“Hey! I was only trying to help.”

“How? By being negative? By insulting me?”

“By being realistic. That’s too big a project. Drop it. Take up another.”

“Why? Because I am a girl?”

“Because you are a fool who has her head in the clouds.”

“Go away!” Chotti seethed. “I have no choice, there’s no time. This is it – do or die.”

He shrugged. “It’s your funeral.”

“Oh you think you are very funny don’t you?” Chotti ground out. “Instead of blathering, how about lending a hand?”

“Aha! Not too egoistic to ask for help?”

“Unlike some people.” Chotti sneered.

“I never need help.” He leaned closer, his breath warming her cheek.

“Exactly. You’re helpless.” Chotti rallied valiantly.

His rich laughter strummed her heart.

Enchanted, she gazed into his eyes, inches from hers.

What the hell!” Daddy (aka ASR) stood at the doorway.


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Write and read more stories on this prompt here.

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WPC: The Number Game

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo theme this week is Numbers. Quite topical don’t you think? Not only for America but also India as 500 and 1000 currency notes are banned with immediate effect, banks and ATMs closed. Takes me back to the good old days – cash strapped, yet a heart full of hope and faith, that better days will surely come – once the storm passes 😉 😀

Coming back to the photo challenge, I am terrified of numbers (honest!) so I am going to cheat. Here are a collection of fowards which I think suit the theme.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to begin 😉





However, I feel compelled to add that if I were the artist, I would have exchanged buttons 😉 What say you?

Let’s jump to the next number



Told you my Math was bad 😛

Okay enough is enough


Enough is enough.jpg

Back to some manageable numbers


Hmm – I wonder if this sign is for real or is it photoshopped?

And finally something for my Indian friends 🙂



Hope this gave you a smile or two – have a great day!

Disclaimer: None of this stuff is mine and have received all as messages.