COB #45: Child’s Play


Boys! Give them some space and watch them bloom and glow 🙂 I loved (and envied) the innocent joy of just running after a ball – or perhaps it is the freedom of being let out of prison school.

Here’s a snap of the amphitheater without the children. Looks kind of desolate doesn’t it?


This amphitheater is situated at the other end of the Rock Garden at Chandigarh, India – featured in the post Junk Art and also The Bare One. The design and pattern of the amphitheater is crafted from an artistic arrangement of broken discarded pieces of tiles. I love the way the tree is part of the whole scene with the little one growing in the middle 🙂

Here’s a closer view of the kind of magic an artist can craft from junk.


Stunning work isnt it? My favorite was the grinning tiger 😀


Isn’t he cute? And his smile infectious?

Now if only I could do something half as creative with all the stuff at home lying about at home…

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