CFFC: Roofs

I am late for Cee’s fun foto challenge Roofs – I thought I didnt have any photos. But then I found loads. I couldn’t pass them up could I?

I have an eclectic selection of roofs for everyone needs a roof over their heads don’t they?


Even elephants 😀


Let’s go from the distinctive roofs of Prague

To see the formations on the roof of the limestone caves at Baratang islands of Andaman and Nicobar Island, India.


How about a pantomime under an Oriental roof at Tivoli garden, Copenhagen, Denmark?


Or maybe bask in the sun on a palatial roof at Amber Fort, Jaipur India


Or take shelter from the heat under the humble thatched roof at Radhanagar beach, Havelock Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Kasauli roof.JPG

And then zip off to see the Himalaya range over the red roofs.


And now won’t you come it my parlor? For this is a very special roof for me at least! I spent my childhood under this roof.


Our recreation center but my favorite place was the swing – can you see it in the distance – the faint yellow bars on the left of the building? As a child the road to it seemed interminable – part of the reason I didn’t zoom in. Thanks to a legal dispute, my childhood home remains  exactly as I remember it. I never thought I would be glad of a court case 😀

Shore temple.JPG

And finally I take your leave as you explore the Shore temple at Mahabalipuram, India

Thanks for your company on this around the world in 8 seconds trip 🙂

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