CB&W: Through the Window

I am terribly late for Cee’s black and white photo challenge but I simply cannot pass up this particular theme – Looking Through a Window. I have been traveling a lot these past few months and all I do is click photos through windows. If I asked to stop each I wanted to click a pic we would never get anywhere 😀

Dont worry I won’t offload all my through the window photos, just a few not so much for the photography but for what caught my eye – hope you like too.

First, a picture a, naturally, of a tree on the Mumbai-Pune highway from a moving car.


At the rate she is spreading I think her goal is to span the entire highway 😀

And another one through a restaurant window


Looks like some complicated yogic pose, which probably accounts for her lean and long life.

Mumbai city is known as the city that never sleeps. Looking out of the window from a hotel room, I would have never believed it.


The view of the still lone crow as the master of all it surveyed was quite a contrast from the hustle-bustle of the city two floors down 😀



While traveling by train, this destitute couple on a deserted railway station caught my eye. Can you see why?


Nobody is too destitute to offer comfort and love to another 🙂

Light tunnel.jpg

A bit blurred no doubt but I finally caught the light at the end of a tunnel 😀

Have a grand weekend and thanks for visiting. Do let me know you were here!

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 97 and Calvin and Mom ROFL



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