I’ve been thinking

Gotcha! You think I am thinking about Thinking…? But actually it’s about something completely different.

I have been thinking if anybody would be interested in a Story Club? Just think about it for a moment. I mean we all love stories right and there are probably a gazillion stories out there in the world, which we will never read or even get to know about. How sad is that? Suppose somebody brought a special story to your notice, explained its nuances, shades, metaphors, techniques wouldnt that be awesome?

So I wondered about floating a story club – a short story club if you like where each week one story could be read, discussed, analyzed – wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t you like to be part of such a club?

So, if there are any takers, this is how it would function (I told you I have been thinking).

Interested participants would:

  1. Mention the name of the chosen story  and the date (any Wednesday) of posting (beginning 15th June) in the reply box below.
  1. On the designated date, put up a post (on his or her blog) highlighting the uniqueness, underlying theme, message or anything else that may be of interest.
  1. Ping back the URL here so that we can all hop over to read, chat, interact and broaden our horizons.
  1. The participant should announce at least a week in advance the name of the story and preferably one that is freely available online to enable maximum participation.
  1. Others may also put up posts on their blogs pertaining to the same story (with a ping back here to let us join the party)
  1. In case the story is not available online please provide a brief synopsis before writing about it.
  1. Interested non-bloggers (ahaa I got my eye on you) can mention the name of story and date and mail me the post. Full credit is assured.
  1. And finally, just in case there are no takers, I will start reading the short stories on my own.

So what do you think? Suggestions, questions and comments are welcome – in fact eagerly awaited. I hope you wont disappoint me (besides I am holding my breath)…


For the readers of Moonshine, here’s Chapter 63. Before you rush off, have a look at Calvin and don't forget to let me know what you think - "I am in" would also be great😀

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16 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking”

  1. Great idea, in fact I would dare say I love it. Only I am unsure if I have the discipline since I am a highly in-disciplined blogger and write when the fancy strikes or the mind/emotion compels 🙂

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    1. Great to see you here Sunila 🙂 No discipline required! Best part is that we would get to catch up on our reading and learn new perspectives. And perhaps post once in a while. Maybe you can write a post and then commit a date. That would work just as well. For now happy to have you on board.


  2. Hi Dahlia, would have liked to be a part of this initiative, but, as I have little time left before an exam in August, I shall be a spectator for now.

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    1. Thanks for your interest and support Sandeep. I hope this to be a long lasting event so perhaps you can join in with a contribution whenever you are free. All the best for your exams.

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  3. I love the idea – but could I maybe suggest a monthly story club share?
    or I could at least join in once a month, but I like the idea a lot- however – like many bloggers – I only post so many times a month and so I could do monthly!
    I am going to read moonshine and will get back with you!
    And if I had a suggestion for a story – the open boat by Steven Crane…..

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    1. Awesome! You are on – the Open boat by Steven Crane it is. Once a month is just fine. Since there were no active takers until now, I planned to attempt a post tomorrow. Please let me know when you would like to post? Oh Moonshine? Really? That’s a long rambling yarn, no discipline at all…but would be glad of any kind of feedback 😀

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      1. Well can we shoot for July to assess the open boat?
        I will run it by a few blog friends and see if I can get one or two folks to join us – also – I am taking a couple weeks off this month and it would be nice to come back in July to this new challenge – so do you have a day or date in mind for this challenge – I skimmed your original post – but was wondering what you have in mind? I do think monthly would be a good pace to start – but then again weekly could try and get momentum….

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      2. July is great! Since you are taking off – how about on a July 15 post? I was gunning for weekly because it’s a short story and not everyone was expected to post for it – just one person a week and everyone would land up on the person’s blog for a read and discussion. But perhaps you are right – weekly maybe too hectic. Maybe twice a month? Say every 15 and 1st of the month? We could later change it to either once a month or once a week depending on the response. It would be great if more people joined! Thanks 🙂

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      3. Hi D- if I can call u D?
        Well I know I only can do a once a month and would be squeezing it in for that- but it is such a fun idea – and July 15th would work – let’s talk about it a bit more – 😉
        May I email you?

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