CFFC: Ivory

Cee’s alphabetical fun foto challenge this week is about the letter I. Early on this year, I had the opportunity to visit one of largest museums of the world – the Salar Jung Museum. It is also the  largest one-man collection of antiques in the world. It is well known throughout India for its prized collections belonging to different civilizations dating back to the 1st century. For this challenge I was spoilt for choice – idols or ivory. I settled for the latter and about the former, I shall wait for another suitable time or even go for a double post. That is if you are interested. Do let me know. But first a glimpse of the ivory collection at the museum, which houses pieces from all over the world


Western world

CrossMarvelous detailing. And apologies for the shadow work 😦 Must learn how to avoid that – any tips/resources?


From Japan

JapaneseLook at the petals, the hairdo, the design on the robes…

ChineseIvory art work from China

GodsGods and Goddess from India

ChairEven a whole chair

TusksFrom what are just teeth.

Despite the art and the fine workmanship I could not but shudder – how many elephants lost their lives just to be a showpiece?

Image result for ivory quotes

Isn’t that the most beautiful picture of all – wild free majestic how they were made.

Thank you for visiting.



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23 thoughts on “CFFC: Ivory”

  1. I suppose shadows and reflections are tone expected when museums don’t use non reflecting glass to protect their exhibits. This museum is on my bucket list especially since my husband claims that one of his school friends has similar pieces in his own Hyderabad Home !

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  2. I. A good choice
    I think we all agree that the wanton killing of elephants for their tusks should cease but this does not mean we should deny the future generations the wonderful, past artistry which the ivory trade was responsible for. The same prohibition should be stringently applied to all endangered species.

    “Quinquireme of Nineveh from distant Ophir
    Rowing home to haven in sunny Palestine,
    With a cargo of Ivory
    And apes and peacocks,
    Sandalwood, cedarwood, and sweet white wine”
    (John Masefield)

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  3. loved the pics, the best one was the last one,i cud see a tree on it, lovely choice, im sure the chair must be very expensive, great artwork though!

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  4. While I appreciate the intricate work done on ivory, I even wanted( I am ashamed to say) to own some such pieces, so many magnificent animals like elephants and rhinos were killed illegally. Even now these animals are poached because some cultures believe that ivory has magical medicinal properties.
    Your last picture says it all. The ivory looks good on live elephants and rhinos.

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  5. Beautiful examples of craftsmanship, Dahlia! Nicely captured! Coincidentally I was just at a museum that featured several fine pieces of ivory artwork and I was tempted to use the photos that I took, for this challenge but, like you, I couldn’t help thinking about all those magnificent elephants that were sacrificed so I went with iron instead.

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    1. Ah yes it was a bit of a tussle for me too, but I agreed in principle with Bryan and went ahead Your iron collections was awesome and I hope to see your ivory collection some time soon

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  6. Love your final thought – great ending line, Dahlia – very thought-provoking. Of the ivory pieces, I really enjoyed the photo of the Indian gods and goddesses – very clean lines in the carvings, I guess! And about the glass-reflection, I have the same trouble … recently I took the photo from an angle to the glass as an experiment. Not sure it was an improvement! 🙂

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  7. Beautiful craftsmanship on those pieces(the second last pic)
    Won’t they be as wonderful if done on something else …something that’s available without hurting another living being

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