Just 4 Fun # 59

Hey! It’s me again. Unbelievable isnt it? Feels I was just here with J4F and now again. But then again it is probably a good thing all this zip zap zoom business. You never know whether you are coming or going and if you step on something on the way. Oh! That reminds me – I have a confession to make.

hahahahhahahhaaaa More

Oh okay sorry my bad, please dont shoot the messenger…It’s just Monday and I’m like


If I knew how to edit this I would wish for Saturday and Sunday between Monday and Tuesday. 😀 Hmm but now I feel a bit like John…


😀 Okay the next one is a challenge. Ready? Sure? Okay here goes…

34 Funny Quotes You Will Absolutely Love

Bwwahahhaa 😀 Anyone win the challenge? Raise your hand! See if I believe you 😉 That brings me to an important question – how many faces do you have? One or two?

Top 30 Funny Minion Memes

But we can even have three faces


And this festive season wishing you all a wonderful, happy and prosperous Diwali

This hilarious sign says it all! These are hand painted, lightly sanded and made from new wood right here in the heartland of America, then the wording and top seal coat is applied by our expert staff

Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I found them on the Pinterest and am just keeping the fun going.

Have a super week and don’t forget to have some fun as well 🙂

And do let me know your favorite – or better still post your own and leave me a link I will be along in just a bit.








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23 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun # 59”

  1. So… I need to put on weight so that I won’t get kidnapped.. 🤔😂😂
    Btw, I do need a day between Saturday and Sunday 😶 may be we should come up with one and call it MR day 😉 I was called ‘crazy’ by my lab mate this morning. I wonder why 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved the girl one…could identify someone with it:) loved the last one too, i feel im already filled in so much….thank you and wishing happy diwali to you, you light a diya in our hearts with your beautiful creations!


  3. ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼Me meee…I didn’t read the next time….would you believe me?🤣
    Loved the girl one…and if I eat cake it would become easier to kidnap me…they would just have to roll me 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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