To Catch a Kite








as a mountain.

Overall a loner

and a




So who could guess

that underneath

all that







bit of




Purple tree

😀 😀 And another one too!

Bfly tree

So which kite is your favorite?

Thanks for visiting 🙂

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21 thoughts on “To Catch a Kite”

  1. Beautiful pictures, coupled with a good poem. Can you help me, this comment box is not appearing on my posts. Mine is also a .com site. Readers have to visit the site to post comments. I am missing out on lot of comments bez of that.


    1. Thank you Siddhartha. Retrieved your comment from the spam folder, hopefully there will be no trouble with future comments. Regarding comment box is yours a WordPress site? If so when you write a post, there is a column on the right of “Post settings” post like if it is to be pinned or given categories and tags etc. The last one is “more options” – scroll to the bottom of this section and at the end is Discussion – tick the boxes to enable comments. Hope it works! Do let me know.


  2. I like the purple kite most – but maybe it is because it came right after those amazing words – set up in a ladder with momentum and energy that was so smooth – so that led right in – and also – the purple one is clearer and more vibrant – but such a refreshing read

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    1. When I first saw the kites the butterfly kite was my favorite for i hadnt seen one like it before. And it was more fun but when i was posting the photos i also liked the purple kite for its clarity and freshness. 😊 Thanks Y for your lovely comment🌹

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  3. I like both.But my heart goes to the lonely purple kite.The butterfly has a companion so they can flutter together. Loved the topic. Good Morning.

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  4. Loved the thought and the representation of the feelings in it….Metaphors ARE MANY, STORY BEHIND HE LINES is far touching, loved the way you have given a peep into a world of feelings….lovely poetry with lovely pics…..

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