CFFC: Diverse Directions

Cee’s fun foto challenge on D’s has taken me on a wild goose chase and even that didn’t fit the challenge! 😉 But nevertheless I insist on presenting photos hoping that as usual Cee will give me a long rope 😀

But first something that she can’t object to; besides this is her favorite, right Cee? 🙂

DahliaDahlias – need I say more 😀 Now for some fun stuff

Dancing treeA dancing tree on top of the other trees!

DeplionA depressed lion in Hyderabad outside the Salar Jung Museum

Deplion2Another depressed lion at Lucerne, Switzerland. Perhaps they are long lost brothers, separated by continents…

DuckA duck, just to prove I know what the challenge is all about 😀 Unless this is not a duck…

Deserted streetsThe deserted streets at dusk

DesignerHA designer house or is it a cafe restaurant? And don’t miss the redefined green wall-to-wall carpeting.


Another designer building at Jaipur, the pink city

DanceDancer balancing on an earthen pot balanced on another earthen pot on the head of another dancer…whew

StiltsDancers on stilts. I have featured these dancers before and if you missed them the first time or would like to revisit, click here.

Hope you liked my selection – thanks for visiting, have a great weekend 🙂