CFFC: A Peek into my E-files

Hola all you beautiful people! How was your week? Great I hope 🙂 This week, Cee has a special (more than usual [which is like really a lot you know]) fun foto challenge – she wants Es. At least two. Now if only I had a photo of Cee 😉 Or maybe I could get creative and use a screenshot of her blog…would that do Cee? Oh well until she replies, let me see what I can excavate from my archives 😉

Here goes…


This one is from the streets of Delhi. A sculpture by Devi Prasad Roy representing Gandhi’s Dandi March of 1930 which sparked the beginning of the nonviolent civil disobedience movement in colonial India.

LawnA lush green lawn with a fountain in the middle. There are lots of trees too and oh they are green too 😉

FieldThe generous tree offers to share her colors with the lackluster lawn (thanks Ruma for the photo 🙂

BuidlingA green hatted building 😀

SteepGoing down the steep flight stairs is my lil sister loaded with shopping bags. I was busy clicking pics you see 😉 Psst would you care to see the loot?

ElegantElegant don’t you think?

SareeA A pink and green saree

BheemChota Bheem – part of my gift to her. Another story for another day 😉

ElenaWe didn’t buy this doll but we did buy a doll. Why didn’t I include that here? Oh but Khushi didn’t fit into the challenge you see, Elena did. She has beautiful eyes (eyelashes too) and sports a range of colors, white red pink yellow and green!

It time for Elena and me to say goodbye – have a super weekend 🙂