WPS: All Worked Up

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Image from Google Maps

All Worked Up

 Words 150

“What’s up Sia? You look upset.” Her colleague, Nisha asked.

Sia made a moue. “The Boss is mad at me for taking leave at such a crucial juncture.”

“Damn that woman.” Nisha said. “Why were you on leave? All well?”

“Not exactly.” Sia said. “My father-in-law is in the hospital…”

“Oh I am sorry. What happened?”

“He had a heat stroke while exploring the Old Fort.”

“You went exploring in this heat? Are you crazy?”

“Don’t blame me! Explore your city is part of my son’s holiday homework.”

“Home*&%^#work!” Nisha cursed. “That took us to the brink of divorce.”


“I had to stay up till late to complete my 6-year-old daughter’s assignments.”


“Things came to a head when she had to make a family tree.”

“What happened?”

“My mother-in-law accused me of deliberately pasting a photo that made her look old and fat.”

“Did you?”

“Err, well…”


I was inspired by Penny’s double entry to What Pegman Saw and of course the view to attempt this challenge – a story in 150 words or less. Thanks to K. Rawson for hosting the challenge and Google Maps for the photo. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.