CFFC: Raibeshe

So far Cee has made us look up and down and from the side.  And now it’s time to cover all that is left – back, bottom and underneath. I am guessing you all are tired from all that tramping about with me from one place to another. So for just this once, sit back relax and watch the fun. This time I bring to you glimpses of Raibeshe, a genre of folk martial dance performed by males, in West Bengal, India. Traditionally, this dance involves display of vigorous physical prowess along with the acrobatics of a raibansh (a long bamboo stick), from which its name originated.

StiltsProponents of the martial arts from Bengal doing the stilt dance

SingleThe picture is a bit blurred isnt it? So let me just explain – there is one man on top of another man’s head. Hey wait, he is standing on a earthen pot balanced on the other man’s head. Go on have a closer look.

Okay another picture, just for you. Hopefully a bit clearer.

DoubleOh this one is a bit different – a wooden block on which rests two earthen clay pots and he stands on top of that.

PoleA different kind of pole dance 😉

UnderneathThis one is a bit complicated. The man lying underneath with his legs up supports all the men on the pole balanced on his feet

WheelThe focus here is on the glass underneath the wheel…

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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23 thoughts on “CFFC: Raibeshe”

    1. Actually it was pretty scary. They had this really long stilt dance where the dancers were tied to long bamboo poles and carried in. But since it was on stage they slipped! I thought he would split into half 😱 But he was laughing. Thankfully. And the last one – the wheel on the glass was particularly tough – i dont know how they did it.


      1. Yes. I think if I was there watching this show, I would have kept my eyes closed until it all got over.
        I feel they risk a lot to put on these acts. Of course, they do become famous and all, but it comes with a price sometimes. 🙂

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  1. This is just so incredible!!!!! Humans are capable of so much that blows my mind, and this is no exception….wow!!!!! You have introduced me to something I wouldn’t have seen otherwise…thank you for blessing me with this glimpse of the spectacular….you are awesome 🙂

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  2. Woah! A bow to their dedication, passion and the hard work put together for performing such acts considering the risks involved… superb pics!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funnily enough a couple of them looked a bit flabby and you could almost count the ribs of most of the young boys. But clearly appearances are deceptive!


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