CFFC: Clouds

The week, Cee challenges us to show off C’s provided they are at least 4 letter long. Just the thing I had been waiting for 😉 to showcase my newest craze – Clouds 😀

Come let’s float – up, up and away

PropellerI find it fascinating (and a bit eerie) when I capture the propeller blades in mid-flight 😀

Plane cloudDid you see the tiny airplane against the cottony clean (happy) clouds?

SalzburgAnd in contrast we have here dark rolling clouds ready to erupt into a storm any minute.

VlatavaContented clouds float lazily over the Vltava river, Prague

Old castleAnd follow it up by a sightseeing trip to Old Castle, Prague 😉

20170218_121418Before rushing off to Chidambaram India. Only some of them managed to make it so far.  😀

MumbaiOr perhaps they preferred to visit India’s Tinseltown 😉


KolkataBefore regrouping at the Kolkata airport to catch the return flight.

SkyBack to cloud station – to recoup, regroup and return 🙂

Hope you liked!

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16 thoughts on “CFFC: Clouds”

  1. I love clouds too especially when they’re fat cotton candy clouds or thin wispy tissue paper ones . But I’ve seen that skies in India are mostly a pale blue with very few clouds except during the monsoons. Loved these captures and where was the propeller plane ? Don’t see many of them these days.

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