Sunday tree

The tiny tree encircled by a sarong of green leaves, under the protective shadow of the tall tree reaching out to the skies, drew me in. Braving a ferocious Sun and risking a migraine, I walked close to admire the cute little one. It was only later that I realized that I hadn’t even spared a glance for the unobtrusive, reserved middle one.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 11.33.23 am
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Middlers – raise your hands 😀

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CB&W: On The Way

Cee’s latest black and white challenge is about any new photos that we may have clicked. Recently I traveled by train, through acres of lush green fields outlined by tall trees under overcast grey skies. And in the midst of such life, such greenery here and there stood bare trees holding out her naked branches in defiance of season, time and public glare. I am unfailingly captivated and enchanted by their unspoken yet deafening declaration of supreme confidence that reaches out to me from so far away. I missed capturing those beauties but here are a few glimpses of the journey through a rain splattered window.


FieldjpgVast green fields that stretch on and on with a handful of people working them. And we complain of rising prices…

LevelcrossWhen I was little, I remember feeling a sense of pride and achievement at level crossings. So many people were waiting for me! 😀 Now I can feel their restlessness, their impatience.

PowerAs a child, I used to think of these as effigies of the demon king Ravan and his cronies waiting to be burned down. Now I know that our worlds will come crashing down if these were to go up in smoke 😀

EntNature has found her own way of dealing with these ‘demons’ that mar her beauty. Don’t beat them, use them 😉

ShedA thoughtful make-shift shed at an obscure railway station. One even had a tree growing through it. Or (more likely) the shed built around it 😀

White flowersJust some random white flowers from another journey on my two feet.

Have a super weekend 🙂

News Flash: I came back to add a photo of another journey of another kind

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 10.51.54 am

Thank you for your company on this amazing journey 🙂