CFFC: Be Colorful

Yay! It’s time for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and the topic this week is the letter B and the topic needs to be any color that starts with the letter B. Initially I was stumped but when I scrolled through my recent clicks I had zillions which fit the bill. Shall we get started? What? You dont have so much time? Okay fine – just a few, then, or maybe just a few more than just a few 😉

Ready? Of we go…

TrainA blue train from the window of my train 😀

BuffaloA black buffalo with two black crows taking a little rest between flights.

BranchesBare brown branches amidst the lush greenery. Not everyone flourishes at the same time.

SeatsTrying to catch the egrets from between two brown seats. Stretching it a bit too far eh 😀


Brick red benches at a deserted tiny station with blue and white fencing

StreamThe brown mud of a dried up stream. Had enough of the train journey? Let’s climb down shall we?

StairsDown the stairs with brown wooden paneling

ScreenA battered brown screen. Wonder why only the lower portion is damaged?

PeacockA blue peacock painted on the wall of a roadside restaurant. Pretty neat huh?

CloudsTime to fly back home braving thick black ominous clouds over blue mountains.

DoughnutsMust be hungry after that long round trip? Go on have a doughnut, it’s free. But make sure to choose only a brown one otherwise you are sure to get a rap on your knuckles. What say Cee? 😉 😀

Thanks for your company – have a super day!