A Celebrity – Just Kidding

Dear friends I am terribly kicked and pleased as Punch 😀 Sunita aka Bellybytes posted a Guest Interview of yours truly 😀

I am doubly honored because Sunita is a wonderful writer and I enjoy reading her posts. I hope you will visit her blog and just in case you are curious have a look at the guest post too 😉

For some strange inexplicable reasons, my comments don’t show up on her blog. But thank you to all those who have left me messages on the post. Hopefully my responses will show up sooner than later.

Thanks and have a super day


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28 thoughts on “A Celebrity – Just Kidding”

  1. Loved the interview. Some of the readers are asking which serial you were talking about and also about long running ‘Silverstreak’. Well done . It is a silly question but I a curious. Any reason why in Med it is Dhalia ?Is that your name?

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    1. He he 😁 i did unveil the mystery but apparently some things are best left hidden. My comments refused to show up. Dhalia at Med is a typo! 😑😏 My first ever post that lay tje foundation for SS was as Dahlia. But when i began writing khulasa and tried to create a diary in my nervous excitement it became Dhalia and I didnt know how to correct it. And then it was too late. On the blog I finally ( to mine and a nitpicking friend’s relief) corrected the typo. And that is story of D to D😁


  2. TV soaps are always “very interesting” isn’t it, dhalia..oops dahlia 😂😛 dhalia ki kichadi 😉 not so recently there was a serial in which the main actress turns into a fly! Kisine HIT use karne ka socha nahi shayad 😂

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  3. Loved reading all your responses. I’d particularly like to know the name of the show that drove you and I pored you to write fan fiction. If possible ease send us a link too to those chapters so we can fall in love e with the characters and the mystery too. Witty response as usual and btw I didn’t know that Dahlia was your pen name

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      1. Oh I’ve heard of it but never watched it. I think the last hindi drama I watched was Yuddh in 2014. That was nothing about romance 🤣I love reading hindi lit and stories too. So I’ll check out your story. Thanks 😊

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      2. This was way back in 2011-12🤣 full on romance with music to die for. Much of the story is topical but i have written a few standalone pieces on my blog as well. I will post those links too perhaps they will help u decide😁


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