Fall in Spring

It is technically the Spring season and Delhi is awash with colors as you may have seen here. Yet funnily enough, the streets and lawns are strewn with fallen leaves. I cannot but help thinking of it as symbolizing the simultaneous coexistence of the rich and poor, that if it is spring for some, it is fall for others. And if it is fall, can spring be far away?

Finally, I managed to find the perfect foil for spring.

BouganvilleaBougainvillea overgrows a lush green Gulmohar tree with the (almost) bare Peepal tree (I think) towering in the background. Hmm I wonder what color flowers this Gulmohar tree will turn into – red, orange, yellow, purple, pink…

Linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees – 279

Have a great week 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Fall in Spring”

  1. It’s like that every year in Chandigarh. There are dried leaves dancing around the roads as cars whizz by, at the same time trees blooming flowers yellow and pink, like gulmohar, making it look like a dream.

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  2. Bougainvillea almost always never fails to disappoint us and when the gulmohar blooms, …ufff, it would be a treat to watch!!
    That is a profound comparison made by you!!

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  3. Gulmohar is a summer flowering tree and in India, it flowers in May, blooms are red/orange. In East Africa, they flower in December so we used to call them Christmas trees. Peepal tree shades its leaves all through the year and bears fruit in May in India.
    Loved your picture .Were you able to take a picture in summer with Gulmohar in bloom?

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    1. Thank you – glad you liked 🙂 I did find a lovely Gulmohar but the only problem was that it was bang in the middle of my work place and I was too embarrassed to click it. But i have full plans to do it next year 😀


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