Just 4 Fun #22 B

Edit 1: Clearly I was/am addicted to the internet – why else would I have two 22 Just 4 Funs? Ahh well numbers are not my thing – words now – actually the less said about them the better!

Carry on and have fun 😀

A new week begins and what if the internet doesn’t work?


We are all linked via the link and all questions lead to us to the same place


Did you hear about the one – is Google male or female?

Votes veered towards female for Google completes your question before you finish typing 😀

That reminds me…


Here’s a bit of a evolutionary lesson for the selfie takers



And some cheer for Whatsapp addicts


I hope you enjoyed these. If you have any other gems and pearls, please do share. And please note, none of these are mine. I am trying to just keep the fun going and beat the Monday blues.

Have a super week ahead. Do let me know which one was your favorite


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17 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun #22 B”

  1. omg tp the barber shop apron – what a useful idea – but wow???
    and my fav is the evolution duck one for selfie takers…. LOL
    that puckered look is seen on so many and dawD – you find some pretty awesome funnies….

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