Just 4 Fun # 22

Amazing how we are already half-way through January – yet Monday is interminable! Quite inexplicable and incomprehensible, just as these problems were to school children 😉

kid1Hmm have I shared this before?

kid2Well the child does have a point…


This guy is sure to go places –  the Principal’s office for one 😀


So does that mean k = stupid?

They say school kills creativity but I beg to differ. Here are some gems which underscore the blooming creativity and out of the box thought processes of students – have a look here. I dare you to keep a straight face.

Disclaimer. Over the week, we tend to get a lot of jokes and life philosophies as shares. Some are too good to pass up. Here I share those that appealed to me or tickled my funny bone. Hope you like them too. Please note none of this is stuff is mine – I am just keeping the fun going!

If you too have something worth sharing do leave your link in the comment box or create a pingback to this post.

Have a great week ahead and don’t forget to have some fun too.

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14 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun # 22”

  1. LOL. These are really creative answers and I am sure the kids all got away with it. They literally are using a lot of common sense when they are answering the question, and a lot of honesty too. The teachers should be rewarding them extra points 😀

    Yes, we are halfway through January. I feel it has been rather slow to be honest. Then again, work here is piling up, raining down from the sky lol. A wake up call from holiday mode.

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  2. Lol. Kids nowadays are really smart! I remember a conversation I had with my son who is 12 years old then:
    Me: how are you son?
    Son: Mom, now i hate Math the more!
    Me: Why is that?
    Son: the alphabet starts joining the numbers and i’ve got even crazier!
    Me: hahaha

    You post made a smile in my face though, thank you for sharing!

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