CFFC: Old and New

This week, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is all about capturing Old and New. No doubt a very interesting topic but one I was quite resigned to giving it a miss. But then hunting through my archives I managed to scrounge a few photos which I hope will fulfill the requirements of the challenge. With a little bit of license 😉


An old abandoned house and a brand new car. Don’t miss the innovative blue and red unnamed indigenous vehicle. But actually what I wanted to capture were two houses – new and old alongside each other but I couldn’t manage it in the same frame.


You don’t have to take my word that the above two houses were alongside each other – the nose of the car in the right corner should be proof enough 😀

A street view in Kolkata

While on the road, I finally managed to capture both an old and new building in the same frame.


Where’s the new you ask? Focus m’dear focus 😉


A brand new padlock 😀


And finally before I take your leave –  have a look at these leaves, some lush and fresh while others are a crunchy brown.

Thanks for visiting – do let me know which you like best.

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19 thoughts on “CFFC: Old and New”

    1. No actually u are right – I was so focused on taking the new building on the left that I completely overlooked the white building. I noticed it only later in the photo! So my bad 😉


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