The Elopement

“What’s the matter darling?”

“I hate sharing my room.”

“Me too! I didn’t want to come. But your Dad was adamant and quite unreasonable.”

Lilly looked at her granny with new eyes.

The grey-haired lady shook her head. “Your Dad behaves as if I were six not sixty.”

“Or ninety.” Lilly giggled.

“Yeah that too. Ever since your granddad passed away five years ago, I have been living alone and managing pretty well too.”

“You have a broken arm.” Lilly couldn’t help pointing out.

“Anyone can break their arm. While in college, your father broke his nose and leg – did I shift him home from his hostel? Then why is he doing this to me?”

“But…but we thought you were lonely, sad…”

“and helpless? Granny snorted. “Nonsense. Just a passing inconvenience.”

“But it’s natural for…”

“Children to mother their parents? Honestly Lilly, whose side are you on anyway? Don’t you want me to leave so that you can have your room back?”

“Ye…es but I don’t want to have your…your,”

“My death on your conscience?”

Horrified, Lilly giggled. “Granny you are really cool!”

Granny stroked her chin. “True.” She winked. “Now tell me about Adarsh.”

Lilly was taken aback. “Adarsh? How do you…?”

“I am not deaf or blind – yet.”

“Oh Granny! I love him. But Dad…”

Granny raised a hand and shuddered. “Don’t talk to me about your Dad. I thought you loved the Cummerbund guy.”

“Granny! That’s Cumberbatch. And you know what I mean?”

“Nope. Does ‘Dad’ not mind you loving Cumber..whatever?”

“Oh Granny please! As if I am going to run away with Cumberbatch.”

“So you plan to run away with…Adarsh? Interesting. But I wonder, how can you be sure that you do actually love Adarsh? That you are not just doing it for the adventure, for the romance, to get your Dad’s attention?”

“No Granny! I just know I love Adarsh and he too loves me.” She fiddled with the tassels of the bedcover and confided in a rush. “Adarsh wants us to elope but…”

“You aren’t sure.” Granny interrupted.

I am sure Granny. But I wish Dad agreed.”

“But then there would be no need to elope!”

“Ye…es, but I want Dad to accept Adarsh and…”

“Why? So that if anything went wrong, you could blame him?”

“That’s not fair Granny!”

“But it’s true. If you really loved him, you wouldn’t need anyone’s permission. You would have run away by now.”

There was silence.

“Maybe you are right.” Lilly admitted. “Talking always helps, doesn’t it Granny?”

Granny started from her reverie. “It sure does honey. Now tell me dear, were you thinking of running away at night or during the day? Were you planning to leave through the window or just not return from an outing? What about clothes and stuff?”

Confused, Lilly stared at her grandmother. “But Granny, I am rethinking…”

“I know you are! And a good thing too. No need to rush into this marriage business so young. Better to wait a few years, live a little, find your love, or at least try to find the one for whom you would willingly give up everything without any hesitation and then elope.”

“Then why are you asking about…?”

“Oh that!” Granny’s wrinkles pinked, “I was trying to organize my elopement.”


For once, not linked to anything 😀 I was trying to pen a flash fiction when Granny hijacked it – do let me know what you thought. Thanks for reading – have a super weekend

 Readers of Moonshine, hope you are aware Chapters 123 and Chapter 124 are up

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26 thoughts on “The Elopement”

  1. lovely what an inspirational thing to run away at this age….hmmm but wud anything be better than this now….yet im excited with the thought of running away but my maggie will be with me forever and ever…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a rollicking roller coaster ride it was 🙂 Granny completely pulled the rug out from under Lily’s feet… catching her off guard each time, completely outsmarting her. She is the badass heroine ;):)
    She can see a part of herself in her granddaughter, methinks!! Wonderfully written, D ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aha! What a subtle way to make the grand daughter introspect… Agreeing with her but nudging to a certain direction simultaneously… Good one Dahlia…

    Liked by 1 person

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