The Little Things in Life

They froze – each cut off in mid-sentence – at the sight of their 5-year-old daughter cowering by the doorway. Trupti gave a last glare to her husband and immediately schooled her expression. She scooped up Smriti and vanished from the scene.

Gently soothing Smriti back to sleep, Trupti returned to the dining table relatively calmer. But when she saw the still littered dinner table, she almost lost it again. Only the image of Smriti’s petrified expression stopped her. Trupti started clearing the table, with silent but violent movements. Male chauvinist pig she thought resentfully. Everything is my headache, my responsibility.

The atmosphere in the bedroom was so thick you could cut it with a knife. She could feel the waves of anger radiating from Anand and was rather taken aback by it. What’s he got to be so annoyed about, she thought seething with injustice. I do everything without a word of appreciation and miss one, and God what a ruckus.

He also forgot to bring the packet of bread last week, despite having messaged him. Did I say anything to him? Not all, even though it was very inconvenient, having to make upma for breakfast, that too on a weekday. But look at him, all because I forgot to deposit his cheque. Such a huge racket about such a tiny issue –How could you just forget? Next you will ‘forget’ me as well. It’s clear you just don’t care about me anymore – only he can make a mountain out of a molehill, she fumed.

Well two can play at a game.

She grabbed her night stuff and was just about to stomp off, when she remembered that the study air conditioner was not working. Careful not to let Anand know, she quickly changed her motions to that of merely shaking out her stuff of dust. She plonked down on her side and reached out for her nose clips and then quickly changed her mind.

Let me snore – serves him right if he spends a sleepless night.

But it was soon clear from his still stance and even breathing that Anand was already fast asleep and here Trupti was still boiling mad. She had an almost irresistible urge to throw the pillow at him or do anything to continue the slanging match.

How dare he shout to her like that and then fall asleep so easily. And here she was still fuming. Only the thought of Smriti restrained her. Trupti tried to calm down but sleep eluded her. She had a million things to tell him – the problem was she forgot. Well this time she wouldn’t. She gritted her teeth and mentally compiled a list of the grudges she held against him. It was a long time before she could fall asleep. After all crafting powerful dialogues, which are pithy, crisp and carry punch is time consuming.

Naturally Trupti woke up late.

Anand had already left for his morning walk by then Trupti rushed to get Smriti ready for school. They just managed to catch the school bus.

Blast Anand, he could have woken me up but he didn’t did he? Well if he could be so standoffish so can I, she muttered to herself as she walked back home.

Anand had not yet returned from his morning walk. Feeling a bit worried, she debated whether to call him or not. Deciding against it, she started making breakfast and was just straining the tea, when her mobile flashed. It was Anand’s message ‘No lunch’.

Gnashing her teeth, Trupti dearly wished she could pour the hot tea on his head. How dare he deny her the luxury of carrying on from where they had left off last night? Smriti was off to school and this was the best time to have it out. But look at him, using devious underhanded tricks to avoid a confrontation.

Just shows, I am right and he is wrong, she thought rather triumphantly. He is sorry, but doesn’t know how to say it. Never mind, she thought feeling happier, I can be generous too, I shall forgive him.

As usual, she thought rather wryly.

She got busy, getting ready for the day ahead, Anand dashed in soon afterwards and also rushed to get ready, without a glance at her or a word of explanation as to why he was so late. Tea and breakfast were both cold. Serves him right, she thought rather pettily. She stole a glance at his stern stiff profile and her heart sank. He was in one of his ‘moods’ and nothing could move him now and he would take ages to snap out of it. Oh, how she dreaded those periods of dreadful cold silences.

Trupti completed her activities with suddenly nerveless hands and sinking heart. She hated when they were like this, she yearned to reach out but there was no time and besides he looked so forbidding.

She stiffened. But why should I always be the one to reach out? Let him brood, I don’t care.

Head held high, she went downstairs and waited near the car for Anand, as he usually dropped her to office. Soon they were on their way; the silence enveloped her like a suffocating blanket. She felt like screaming – anything to break this dreadful silence.

Knowing very well that Anand disliked listening to the radio especially while on the way to the office, rather defiantly, Trupti switched on the radio.

Their song was playing – Trupti held her breath.

Anand reached out and turned up the volume.

The lump in her throat eased and all was right with the world.

The End

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Author Note (dated 16 November 2015)

Hello everyone and a big thank you to everyone who dropped in for a visit here. happyI guess it’s very different from SS and will take some time getting used to it – or then again, maybe not.

Thanks Bharat for taking time out and your kind words of encouragement. Sudipta thank you for dropping by and the support. Manuv – at last a familiar face – good to see you here and thank you.

To answer your question Prachtg, I am afraid I am as yet undecided about the future of SS or the Arshi story. Btw I thought I had clarified this aspect, here in the welcome note as well as on Med but then again perhaps it is a sort of gentle hint for me to continue it  My apologies for disappointing you.

And since we are on the topic, I have to confess that I am in some dilemma whether or not to pull down SS from Med as well – a comment in the CB triggered this chain of thought but is as yet unresolved. Anyway, it stands for the moment at least – but again there is no saying what Kmami might decide to do one fine day. Since SS is as much your story as mine – if any of you are re-reading SS or have plans to do so, please do leave a note in the CB with a date by when you expect to finish reading so that I can take appropriate measures to restrain self-destructive activities.

That said, Prachtg, I really appreciate the ‘gift’ and I have started reading it and am already feeling enriched – thank you 🙂

And there you are MM, sneaked in at the last minute I seebig grin. As usual, it looks like I will have to once again depend on your ‘khalified’ shoulders – thank you!

Psst just wanted to tell you that Calvin is quite upset – because nobody is giving any ghas to him – please do click on the link/s under Pages on the left hand navigation bar – this holds the ‘more’ bit of the ‘Stories and more’

Have a great week ahead. thumbs up

PS: Don’t forget to scroll down to check out ‘The Fight‘ under the Pages link on the left hand navigation bar

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15 thoughts on “The Little Things in Life”

  1. Beautiful! …While reading thru it I was all the while thinking how would they end it…and you did it so beautifully. ..loved it…waise ek end kiya toh hee doosra start start kar sakthe hain na 😉
    And yes..thanks for the note..Calvin ko aage se naraaz nahi karenge! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh well, finally he broke the impasse with such grace that just wiped away all the creases!! All that ranting and raving in words, in stance, and in mind just fizzled out so beautifully!! The smallest of gesture is loaded with so much weightage that it overwhelms one. It is these little things in life that strengthens any relationship to a tight bond. Not a word, but a small action/reaction.
    The emotional turmoil very explicitly expressed with great degree of empathy… though I do sense a tinge of strain in the flow!! A serious issue that happens in every relationships have been tackled so well and so maturely. Just loved it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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