CFFC: Fun Fotos

Hello people! Cee’s put up a wonderful funny foto challenge this week, one that has dragged me out of my boring uninspiring world. Besides who can resist an opportunity to laugh or smile – well how about baring the teeth then?

At an outdoor event while the participants were readying, thise mom and child duo had a blast. It brought a huge smile to my face as they dashed about frolicking, jumping and generally freaking out without a care in the world. The little one was so quick on its feet that I could only manage a blur. The next one is a bit better.

20181005_175910Cute huh? That reminds me…


That’s a Minion! No it’s Superman err Superdog Scoobie Dooby Doo 😀 Dont miss the Royal Ignore pose.

20171128_173848What’s so funny you ask? Well how about you tell me the time?

20181031_085037A scarecrow in the garden but the gophers aren’t impressed. After all they aren’t crows 😉

20181118_144240As usual I left my favorite for the last. Take your time and read it carefully. Or at least until you find tomato sauce. And then turn the page

20181118_144301And marvel at the meal that echoes but most of all salute the spirit and the determination to survive despite all odds.

Have a wonderful weekend and do share your favorite foto or menu 😀

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25 thoughts on “CFFC: Fun Fotos”

  1. Temmeto chhos 😂 what is vege pakger? 😂😂😂 The leggings/scarecrow – I bet the crows will roll on the fly (?) And laugh. Btw, the first photo – is it flash dog? (The comic/TV series flash wala flash)

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    1. Yeah when our son was younger we did that too. And we have experience with all kinds of chow (including in dosa!) served across the length and breadth of the country except the Chinese one 😀

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  2. I liked the clock wala picture and specially the ulti ghadi and all showing time around 5oclock. But the funny thing was the clockwala selling Neem wood comb with guarantee for 10 times full refund if not satisfied What does he do with all the returned used combs? His wife probably uses to light the chula.Atleast the fire will keep the mosquitoes away.
    I do not think that crows are that easily scared especially of an apology of the scarecrow. Perhaps looking at it with cocked head and thinking ‘huh!’
    Are you sure it is tomato sauce and not chopped tomatoes? Diners here offer bread butter,omlette and sliced tomatoes. I would love to eat breck Fast there along with hot cutting chai.
    Thank you Dahlia .Loved all the pictures.
    Have a good day.

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    1. Tomato sauce is must (even if pumpkin is the main ingredient!) Sliced onions are offered here but tomatoes only if ordered. Perhaps the combs are effective 😀 The clock is something huh? I think i have shared it earlier as well. Anyway glad you enjoyed 🙂

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