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“There!” Mohini huffed from the gentle climb on to the dam, “This is where I grew up, beside the mighty Ganga. Beautiful isn’t she?”

Sia blew on the bubble till it popped. “Sure.” She ruminated, busy taking selfies. “The mountains in the distance look better. She’s too dull and bloated, like an over-fed slithering python for my liking.”

“She wasn’t always like this. She was free, fresh and sparkling, singing her song while skipping and dancing her way over boulders and stones.“

“What happened?”

“She was dammed up for the greater good.”

“How much longer Mohini?” Her husband called. “I am hungry.”


Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and Dale for the photo prompt. If you want to read the other stories inspired by this prompt (or add your link) click here.

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32 thoughts on “Enslaved”

    1. Aww Sunita thank you for missing me! 🙂 Real life is too jam-packed and jet setting for flights of fancy. It still is but am trying to slowly get back into the groove – fingers crossed! Will be over to see what I missed 🙂

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  1. Hello Dahlia, when I read this the first time I did not know what to say. Recently I was watching a nature programme. It was about a river in the countryside would flood the plains whenever there was a lot of rains. The people got the idea of bringing back the river otters. When the river is shallow the otters build dames by using tree trunks and branches to catch fish but when the river rises after a heavy downpour they remove the branches and let the river flow and but build the dam where there was a danger of overflowing. By doing this they diverted the water So by building and removing the dam the otters managed the river.
    When the humans build concrete structures to dam the river it works for some time but every so often the flood water escapes and causes a lot of od damage.
    As for Mohini one day her patience will break and her husband (if lucky) will find the food dumped on his head.

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