COB: A Perfect Circle

Just a couple of weeks ago when temperatures were touching 46o C a dust storm came up to settle scores with the blazing Sun (and my sinuses 😉 ).

20180613_174615It was quite a sight to catch a glimpse of a Sun as cool as the Moon, only rounder and unblemished just before it retired hurt for the day.


The banana tree bows in homage to their Sustainer and Provider.

20180613_174537Or does it have ambitions of swallowing it up while it is down and out?

Hope you enjoyed these shots of the summer sun. I am happy to be able to contribute something to one of Cee’s photo challenges after a long time 🙂

Three things cannot be hidden long: the sun, the moon and the truth – Buddha

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18 thoughts on “COB: A Perfect Circle”

      1. I saw your ‘like’ – much appreciated because I expect the preface to discourage all but the hardiest of readers. So a very heartfelt thank you.

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  1. Great pictures. The only time we can see the Sun in the eye when there is a certain of thin clouds or as in your case a layer of dust or when there is a total eclipse.
    Good night Dahlia.


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