WPS: (Not) Made for Each Other

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(Not) Made for Each Other

Words 150

“How was it?!” They crowded her.

“The weather was awesome!” She sighed dreamily. “Rolling clouds, the light drizzle…”

“How was he?”

“A bear with a sore head.” She giggled. “Poor thing was starving. We forgot the biryani.”

Poor thing! They nudged each other. “How did you appease him?”

“I shared the chocolates he had got me.” She giggled.

“A romantic!”

“A romantic stick in the mud.”


“He made such a fuss about a few drops of water! Anyone would think he was made of salt.”


“How was the picnic?” It was his debriefing time.

“She insisted we walk in the downpour.” He sneezed. “Romantic nonsense on an empty stomach.”

“What happened to the biryani?”

“She forgot it in the car.” He scowled. “Then she hogged up most of it.”

“You two are so meant for each other!”

He glared at his sister.

“You are already blaming her.” She giggled.



Written for What Pegman Saw – a story in 150 words or less. Thanks to K Rawson for hosting the challenge. To read the other stories inspired by this challenge click here

This one is another take on the same theme as here.  Returning to flash fiction after quite some time and am feeling rusty. Do let me know what you thought about it and if you read both which one you prefer. Thanks for reading. Have a good day!


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16 thoughts on “WPS: (Not) Made for Each Other”

  1. Hahaa… their rendezvous didn’t go as awesome as the weather. This is just the beginning of more storms to come, … at this rate, they would weather all storms to make a success of their life together, hehee!!
    What a contrast they are…. she is giggling with her complaints, and he is growling… hahaa!!!

    Such a humorous take!!

    Liked by 1 person

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