As You Like It

For this week’s Sunday Trees I have a really bindaas one 😀



from top to toe

They cry foul

As they do

when uncovered


a deaf ear to

the unpleasable world

take a leaf

from me


to your song

as you like


you like

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11 thoughts on “As You Like It”

  1. Loved the verse. I loved the photo. Whenever I see a skeleton of a tree among other green trees and shrubs.I feel sad and wonder what kind of a tree it was. Must have been a grand tree with shivering leaves, Beautiful with colourful blossoms and laden with fruit, providing food and shelter to birds, animals and humans.But now it just stands there a relic of bygone time.
    Good night Dahlia.

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    1. Good morning Ferdi 🙂 Dont you feel sorry for these skeletons, they are just biding their time in the sun! Come summer and she will be back to flaunting her fresh green attire. The entire landscape around Udaipur earlier this winter was dotted with these trees and I asked the driver. He didnt know the name of the tree but he did say that every winter they go bare and in summer they are back in business 😀

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