CB&W: The Bike Challenge

Okay so this week for the black and white challenge, Cee wants bikes or anything related to two wheels. Initially I thought I had only two photos but rifling through my archives I was surprised to find how many bikes had crept in without my knowledge! Good for me and them 😀

BikeYSA surreptitiously taken photo of the fascinating insides of a bike in a busy marketplace.

CycleThe good old bicycle, the lifeline for many. I used to love cycling as a child and often wish I could cycle now as well, but I feel shy and embarrassed.

BnglreThis one I have shared before, perhaps some of you remember. Quite an eye-catcher right?

Bnglre2A front view with minimal color. Which one do you prefer?

CamelBOn the streets of Udaipur, while admiring a camel with its nose in the air.

CamelB2The car and bike halt deferentially as the camel made its way sedately across the highway 😉

HaldighatiA bike parked near a distillation flask used to prepare rose essence.


Two bikes near a massive gulmohar tree (at least the leaves look like that). The creepy roots are fascinating aren’t they? Oops I forgot the bikes were supposed to be the focus!

Cubbon2Hmm not sure if those are the same bikes as in the previous pic. But the tree is definitely different – such character don’t you think? I’m fascinated by how trees don’t seem to have any requirement to follow rules. Anything goes and each to her own is their mantra. Yet each is particular and conscientious about fulfilling their CSR (corporate social responsibility) for the less fortunate. By just being, they replenish the oxygen in the air – isnt that amazing?

Tree Cheers to them.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week.


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19 thoughts on “CB&W: The Bike Challenge”

  1. Bikes and the trees.Bikes are mechanical structures and useful to transport people from places to places. Trees have a different energy. Even though they are stationary you can see the movement in the way the roots, the trunks and the branches grow. Of course, the camel has his nose in the air. Bikes (the one in that picture) can only go on until the petrol lasts but he can go on for months without water.
    Good Night Dahlia.

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      1. PS Since you are so pained by typos I took the liberty of correcting (patrol). I have discovered that authors can ‘edit’ reader comments. Not quite sure why or even if it is a good thing but since the facility is there I thought I would do my good deed of the day 😉

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  2. Yesss!…good old bicycle!….as a child used to have a hard time climbing on it with the bar so high…I doubt, if it would be the same even now😜

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