On the Squirrel’s Trail

One of the best (and possibly the best) part of shifting is re-discovery of once favored things, dresses, books and now blog posts 😀 No I am not shifting blogs but the Daily Post’s challenge – a visual story is very apt for a couple of my earlier posts (yes be warned! There’s at least one more) so here’s the second reblog of my own post. Is that a bit like blowing one’s trumpet? Or that of the squirrel? Do tell!

Stories and more

It’s time for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge and as usual I had a lot of fun and hope you do too 😀

So off we go – first the WAY


Confused? Perplexed perhaps? Oh but hush while the Performer readies

sq-1And steadies:


And off he goes!

sq-3Look this way

sq-4And that way


After that lightning ‘bolt’ risking bone and sinew, time for some much needed rest 😀


Thanks Cee for hosting such lovely challenges and letting me get away with it 😉

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19 thoughts on “On the Squirrel’s Trail”

  1. You have captured some great pictures. Indian squirrels are so cute with the tiny bodies and lovely stripes. Squirrels can do some great acrobatic stunts. I watch them in my garden (giant versions) trying to snatch food kept for birds. But they always win.
    Have a great day. Dahlia.

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      1. Ha! Ha! I am exaggerating a bit but they are a lot bigger than the Indian squirrels and not as pretty. Here they are considered vermins but I like them more than the rats. I am looking at one now gobbling up seeds I had put out for the Robins.
        Good Night

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