CFFC: Exciting Stuff

Cee’s Fun Foto challenges are always very exciting and this week it is doubly so because it is of any word with X in it or the X shape in the picture.

So are you game?

ExcitingI was terribly excited to see this bird especially when it allowed me to come close enough to click a pic with my phone. Hmm you don’t buy it do you?

ExplainI loved the texture of the nude walls.

PansyThe purple pansy in the middle that is looks like an X doesnt it? Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉

ExLots of X’s there, although the handwriting may not be up to the mark! 😀

Music XA musician with his ektara (I think!) a one-stringed instrument making a perfect X

OxAn ox taking a morning walk through the busy streets of Mt Abu. Don’t miss the tongue sticking out – probably drooling at the thought of breakfast 😀

Net xHere’s a test – how many X’s can you count? 😀

XtreeIsn’t that a massive X?

XbranchAs they say, be careful of what you ask for you may get it 😀

FixedThe orange trumpet creeper or Brazilian flame vine Pyrostegia venusta (gosh look at all those precious alphabets – U Y and Z!) that has been firmly fixed to the rod to make a pretty little umbrella. Darn it I should have kept this for the next challenge or two… 😉

So which one is your favorite? Now don’t tell me not a single one? If you don’t say anything that’s what I shall assume and be very sad. Now you dont want me to be sad do you?

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30 thoughts on “CFFC: Exciting Stuff”

    1. That is a lovely tree isnt it? I went quite berserk on the trip and made the driver stop the car ever so often. And I have never been so glad of a traffic jam 😀 Thanks so much for your visit and comment 🙂

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  1. I do think that pansy is showing off an X. It looks very happy to see you 😀 If you ever get sad, just have a burger and you know I will eating in spirit with you 😀 But no burger for me this weekend 😂

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    1. Haha 😀 Thanks for playing along Mabel 😉 Why no burgers for you this weekend? Something better you arent telling me about? Btw I did have a burger last week in the middle of the day and in the office. An unexpected (and delicious) birthday treat by a colleague 🙂


      1. Good burgers are expensive in Australia 😞 Can’t eat them every week, just like good fries 😞😞 Cooking up different dishes at home sort of makes up for it…but nothing like eating a burger with you 😀 Many more office burgers to come. Let the office know your birthday = burgers 😀😀

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      2. Good burgers are hard to get period! Office burgers would be just once a year – unless I can have an extra bday 😀 Good that I still have the best burger to still look forward to – the one with you! Cheers


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