COB: Off Beat Clicks

It’s time for Cee’s odd ball challenge – with full license (well more than usual [if that is possible]) to play as we like, with whatever we like, no questions asked. So here are a bunch of odd photos that I hope will enjoy browsing.


Caught this one showing off her (his?) lip job 😀

CrowA tea drinking crow! Photo courtesy my lil sistah


A fan from yester years.

Cutlery holderAn ultra modern cutlery holder

Girl WindowI was trying to capture the window when this girl came by – I thought it looked cool. Do you think so too?

Pose odd

This has to be my favorite COB shot 😀 All those people posing to catch the tip of the Vijay Stambh  which if you remember I had showcased in an earlier post. The contortionist photographers were also quite a sight to behold. No wonder all those langurs were out in hordes. 😀

Thanks for stopping by – any personal favorites? Do tell.

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15 thoughts on “COB: Off Beat Clicks”

  1. Dahlia! You are such a wonderful writer, the only thing that comes close to your ability to express yourself is your photos and your way of capturing images. I loved the color in the first photo (aquarium), and I really enjoyed the profiled girl in the window near the end. Whenever I read you photo-essays I always come away feeling the magic you see in your world!

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  2. COB shot? Close of business shot? 😀 That ancient fan does look ancient. If it is going at full speed, seems like it is best not to get to close to it…which defeats its purpose if it’s a really hot day and you want to be as close to the fan as possible 😀

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    1. Close of business 😀 Actually that’s Cee’s odd ball challenge where anything out of usual goes. That fan is from a couple of hundred years ago at the Udaipur City Palace. Considering hand fans, they must have been a luxury. But then again, so much attention was given during construction itself that there is a natural flow of air in most of these palaces. Quite amazing and fascinating.

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  3. Loved the pictures. That cutlery holder would fetch a few pounds in an antique shop. It would take a place of pride in some farm kitchen. Even the fan would fetch some money as well as that old penholder on the writing desk.

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