Just 4 Fun #74


Well, feeling lighter and ready to go? Come along!


Well now that algebra is sorted let’s hurry let’s we miss the train


Or we could stop the train like you would a bus! 😀 But actually I have no business snickering at her. I did exactly that once as I descended the stairs at the railway station and my train chugged away. Helpless and panic stricken (I was to go home!) instinctively I raised my hand to stop it. And wonder of wonders – the train stopped! The guard pulled the chain (taking pity on me?) and then had an altercation with the station guard for blowing the whistle five minutes too early. Our adventure didnt end there but maybe another day, another time. We have other fish to fry, right?


Wondering what’s written in Hindi? That is after you finished gaping at the sight? A policeman stopped them and them one of them unwound the muffler to ask incredulously, where the hell does you think you’re gonna sit? 😀


Now for some exotic fruits and veggis


Just look at that tongue – even a snake would get scared 😉


An alien potato!


PrescriptionThe grammar and medical goof! Perhaps he was distracted by the Akhilesh on TV. It happens you know when you are writing something and someone insists on going on blabbering -just sayin…


I get the feeling I have shared this before – but no matter, i couldn’t have shared it often enough 😀


Smart boy isn’t he! 😉 What? Now you want to go? Go where? Oh. I see.


Sure? But of course where there’s a will there’s a way. But I couldnt help wondering what the overriding pressure was on this bull…


How many pegs for it to reach up there? But more importantly, what next 😀 And will Basanti agree? And what about her mausi? What say you? Do share your thoughts.

That’s it from me this week and as usual, none of it is mine, all culled from the internet and shares sent as forwards just to keep the fun and cheer rolling.