Together Forever

Can you see the intermingling branches of two different trees?


Another view of the tree tops. Notice anything different? Or just a random common place repeat picture? Let’s move further down.

20180127_122902.jpgThere you have it! The palm tree is growing within the larger peepal (?) tree!!! How amazing is that?

I was caught by the straight knotted (like a thick rope) trunk in the middle that was remarkably different from the rest of the tree. Only upon closer inspection did the mystery clear up. Or did it become even more mysterious?

How on earth?

Why on earth?

But then

the question is

why not?


Why can’t

we too

 take a leaf or two

from them?



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16 thoughts on “Together Forever”

  1. So intriguing! This reminds me that we have trees here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. that grow from the fallen trunk of another tree; they are know as “nurse trees” – the fallen ones. It’s so rainy and damp I guess the new tree gets a start in the composting body of the old one. 🙂 Thanks, Dahlia!

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