CFFC: Some Quick Quirky Ones

Just in time for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – well I’m going to pretend I am anyway 😉 A challenging challenge as usual – photos have to have the letter Q in them and the grey cells got ticking only just now 😀 For quite a while I felt all hazy and unclear, and couldn’t see the way ahead

Opaque landscapeMuch like this opaque foggy or is it smoggy landscape

BouquetThen as the mist cleared I found this bouquet of trees – isnt it a lovely arrangement?

EquineRejuvenated we went to the Kolkata museum and admired the equine sculpture, though I do wonder why it looks so sad. Perhaps it is just exhausted, like I was

ConquerAfter the archeological exhibits I gave up and collapsed on the bench unable to even conceive of conquering the rest of the museum.

Queen of storeWhile shopping we were lucky to catch a glimpse of the store Queen. Though as you can see she is very camera shy and kept shaking her head. Or was it my hand in such exalted company?

Quick chaiTired and desperate for a quick cuppa chai we ordered it. Did you know tea comes in this beautiful paper flask? 🙂

Square boxStarving, we ordered dinner soon after and it arrived hot spicy and delicious in a square box 😀

QuicheDesperate for some quiche we tried calling Hogg’s Room but sadly they didnt deliver from Kolkata to Mumbai 😉

QuotaTaking inspiration from these two blissful canines we too decided to call it a day and catch up on our quota of sleep.

Quirky clock

But before I take your leave I must show you this quirky clock. Can you tell the time?

Thanks for visiting and do let me know in the comments how many rules were flouted in the making of this post 😀


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17 thoughts on “CFFC: Some Quick Quirky Ones”

  1. Loved the horse, its sad though, but still so attractive….loved the chai time too…so unique…delhites could do it too, ill have masala adrak chai abhi ke abhi…with crispy brown rusks…yummy….

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  2. love, love, love the “q”s! Your mind is so inventive, Dahlia! I love to find the humor in your posts like this, and thank you for sharing the quirkiness and quick-wittedness of your mind and imagination. 🙂 (you saw how I worked in the “q” theme there, I’m sure …hah!)

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  3. so fun – and the dogs sleeping – nice – and are those welcome mats for sale behind them?
    The flow here was nice and thanks for allowing us to journey with you.
    we have a few places that serve coffee in cardboard box serving thing – but have never seen the chai – mmmmm – looks good


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