A Brand New Coiffure

It’s time for Sunday Trees and this week I present one with an elegant and unique hairdo. In an earlier post, Theresa had suggested that “the tree is a woman wearing a lovely hairdo.” I agreed but only as an afterthought because I had already found my own favorite coiffured lady 😀

But before you scroll down for a glimpse of her, do visit Theresa’s post on two special trees who sent me messages, which T was kind enough to home deliver right across the seven seas – amazing isnt it?! Thank you once again Theresa 🙂

Did you see them? Okay now you may scroll down 😀

weird strange crazy hairdo heart hairstyle

😀 Taken from here.Oh another one inspired from animals.


Hmmmmm...  *Animal hair styles?

Time for some hairdos inspired by trees don’t you think? Here’s one for inspiration – and a true original



So which one is your favorite? Do let me know!


WPC: Sky High

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Ascend, literal or otherwise. I opted to share one that has languishing on my desktop for quite a while now but is deserving of a larger audience. I often view it just to get a high albeit with a twinge of envy. I wish I could have seen it for myself.

Mini sky
Photo taken by my niece at Lyon

Nature in one of her moods 😉