A Brand New Coiffure

It’s time for Sunday Trees and this week I present one with an elegant and unique hairdo. In an earlier post, Theresa had suggested that “the tree is a woman wearing a lovely hairdo.” I agreed but only as an afterthought because I had already found my own favorite coiffured lady 😀

But before you scroll down for a glimpse of her, do visit Theresa’s post on two special trees who sent me messages, which T was kind enough to home deliver right across the seven seas – amazing isnt it?! Thank you once again Theresa 🙂

Did you see them? Okay now you may scroll down 😀

weird strange crazy hairdo heart hairstyle

😀 Taken from here.Oh another one inspired from animals.


Hmmmmm...  *Animal hair styles?

Time for some hairdos inspired by trees don’t you think? Here’s one for inspiration – and a true original



So which one is your favorite? Do let me know!


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11 thoughts on “A Brand New Coiffure”

  1. Great hairstyles. The African hairs have great structure which can lend to great hairstyles. Not so sure about the animal shaped hairdoes. My favourite is ofcourse the natioral hairdo of the mother Earth.
    Good evening Dahlia.

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      1. It seems I am making too many stupid mistakes in my comments. I should check before I post them.
        Just read another icicle story(new) from Raven in Med.
        Have a great day Dahlia.

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