CFFC: Nine (plus one) Photos

First I jumped into the seven day seven photo challenge and now I am here with nine (plus one) photos! Think I have lost it? Well finally I am allowed to! 😀

Cee this week has challenged us to photos which begin with N. So off without any further ado:

NamasteNamaste! Won’t you come into my blog 🙂

Neon lightsNeon lights floating in the air

CRP nightNight view of Delhi around Diwali. Would you like to have dinner?

No dinersNo diners yet! Maybe we have time for a stroll outside. Perhaps do some shopping?

New BagNew bag 🙂


Necklace 😉 And now that we are bedecked and done with dinner, time to go out into the world.

New buildingNew and old, young and old, rich and poor coexist without a care – indeed as they should, where else but amchi Mumbai.

No-man's landAway from the hustle bustle of the crowded cities, they view the lesser two legged beings from their perch in no-man’s land

New sprigsBruised embattled and battered yet new sprigs continue to shoot up – never-say die tree. An uplifting inspiring enchanting mammoth tree don’t you think?

NoseWell now it is time for my nap with my nose in the air 😀

Thank you for your time – do let me know your favorite 🙂


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15 thoughts on “CFFC: Nine (plus one) Photos”

  1. Lovely picture actually difficult to choose one out of all…loved the lights one, the view during Diwali is face front, wat a view!loved the bared tree, loved the bag, ill have to find a similar one….loved your collection….

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  2. Lovely. I liked the picture of the tree all beaten up by humans and/or nature but still standing up producing greenery. The half-dead pine tree(?) is still useful as a perch for the birds. The jewellery gives me an idea for my next project.

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      1. I am a registered silversmith but I only make silver jewellery for pleasure. I do not sell but sometimes I give them away to friends. I will try to take some pictures of and email them to you soon.

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