#1 of 7 B&W Photos

Hello friends what’s up? All good one hopes 🙂 I’ve been drowning in guilt the last few weeks slacking off on my blogging duties worried. To atone for my laziness, I shall post non-stop for the next 7 years months weeks days. rolling on the floor

You should have seen your expressiondevil

Anyway not my fault – Rekha the artist par excellence, photography buff and a budding storyteller nominated me for the 7 days 7 B&W photo challenge.

But relax! It’s just one photo per day with the following rules:

  1. Post seven black and white photos of your life, on seven days.
  2. No people.
  3. No explanation.
  4. Challenge someone new each day

Ever since I discovered my creative bone winkingI have begun to chafe at rules and regulations. Besides, after all these years of toeing the line, I think it’s time to live it up, break some noise don’t ya think? party

20171125_122537.jpgWarm bright sunshine on a chilly morning at a friend’s garden. By the way can you spot Scoobie?

“Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.”Paul Terry

My challenge is to you dear readers – leave me a comment big grin Come on be a sport, it really isn’t as tough as you make it out to berolling eyes

And if you wish to join the challenge be my guest! thumbs up

Until tomorrow.wave

Oh well fine, if you insist:

20171125_105958.jpgThere’s Scoobie big grin

Have a happy happy Sunday!

And also linking to WPC – Transformation. All photos have been transformed to B&W 😀

Day 2 here.