WPC: Temporary

The Daily Post offers prompts for photo challenges which are temporary in nature as a new prompt is provided each week. Because of the fleeting evanescent nature of time I couldn’t complete the challenge in the allotted time span. But then again after a lifetime of being punctual and on the dot (and even before the dot at several occasions) I am enjoying the freedom of being late . And wonder of wonders – the world around doesn’t actually instantly burst into indignant protesting smithereens (honestly it continues to surprise me that no such things happens if I am late or even absent :D) 😉

So a few selected visuals of all things temporary – hope you like 🙂


Food is so temporary isnt it? Just lasts a mealtime – sometimes not even that 😉

20160617_142550Almost sacrilege to dig into such a work of art don’t you think?


The raibeshe dancers create a temporary aesthetic formation. If you like to see more of these amazing folk dancers from West Bengal click here You won’t be disappointed, I am quite sure.

So what else is temporary?


Coco’s infection

TreeboThe perfectly made bed at a hotel 😀

HaircutMy sister’s haircut! Mine is sorta permanent 😉

ScrabbleA game of scrabble – have you played it? Can you redo the words on the board once the game is over? I did it once and my husband still owes me…

FallThe brilliant colors of fall imported from Germany 🙂

Cheers to you from India Chinese rose Have a super weekend!

Don’t forget to leave me your favorite and what would be your idea of temporary. Thanks for visiting.