Travel Times

The travel bug seems to have bitten me and I am off once again. This time to one of 2015’s hottest cities. Guess which one if you can – and if not, pics when I log back in on the 27th of Jan 🙂

Until then here are some More glimpses of Jaipur

and of course Chapter 24 as well as Calvin and his antics


I take your leave with these pearls of wisdom inscribed on the back of trucks plying the Delhi-Jaipur road.

Soch kar socho —- kya lekar jaaoge

Hans mat pagli —- pyaar ho jayega

and my favorite

Pehle milne ke liye tarso —- Phir milenge parso 😀

I know it is too much of a bother but I really would love to hear from you on anything and everything.

Poitu varaen wave

More Glimpses of Jaipur


The Maharaja (sorry forgot which one) only used Ganga jal for drinking and bathing purposes. This is a pure silver kalash weighing 340 kgs which held the Ganga jal for his personal use. When the Maharaja decided to visit the UK, two of these (filled with Ganga jal) were shipped to the UK.

Puppets ready to rock and burn the dance floor