Vacation Blues

I desperately need a vacation. Yeah, yeah I know I know I just returned from a vacation. But let me tell you vacationing is not at all restful and relaxing. One is constantly on a strict schedule and all about meeting deadlines – take the sunrise for instance.

First day, we left at 5.30 am (waking up at 4.30 am for the morning ablutions) for a glimpse of the sunrise at the Eliot beach at 6.36 am. We were blessed with some lovely hues and views of the steadily brightening skyline and were ready to capture the best sunrise ever. I could almost see the dazzling picture that would be the talk of ‘mysilverstreaks.’

But then the Sun decided to play the coy bride refusing to even peep out from behind the clouds. Finally at 7 am, we gave up and plodded back on the sinking (and suddenly never ending) expanse of sandy beach. Just as we reached terra firma, the perfect round pink-orange ball emerged to stare mockingly at us from afar. Fuming, we drove off.

Not to be beaten, we made another plan to catch the sunrise from Mamallapuram. So once again we got up at an unearthly hour, drove 55 km and were the first to purchase tickets for entry to the Shore temple which opened at dot 6.00 am. Exhilarated and enthralled we strolled towards the majestic temple reminiscing about how things had changed since we had last been here – remember how we walked to the temple via the coastline with a toddler in tow….a major dogfight broke out over an injured crow while the murder of crows went berserk – caws, barks and growls rent the air.

We stopped short in horror.

Yikes!!! the temple premises were determinedly cordoned off from the beach – there was no way to reach the beach from where we were except to go back the way we had come and then again walk down the sandy parallel pathway. There was worse – it was already 6.20 – hardly anytime before the Sun was due to make his grand entry for the day. For one who can barely walk in the mornings, let me tell you I could have easily been participating in the 100 meter dash and made it in time too.

But then the Sun had the last laugh – it played hide and seek for quite a while before deigning to pose for a click or two before disappearing behind a convenient massive cloud. And then, we had to take fresh entry tickets for the Shore temple – thankfully not a foreigner for they have to shell out Rs 250 instead of Rs 10 ;). Thanks to all the morning bracing sea air and exertion I am busy popping pills.

On top of it, I haven’t written a word for more than a week now – sighhhhh….

Yet taking inspiration from Agatha Christie, one of my favorite authors – I think I have read all her books and that too several times – here’s Chapter 26.

By the way, don’t miss the picture for the words – a place which holds many fond memories, a place for picnics with hours and hours of rambles in the stream – along and against the flow – so much that even at night I could feel the brush of the water as if it was still gushing past my puny legs.

Like Hobbes, even I am kidding – I can’t wait for my next vacation (sometime in the next decade) 😀


Thought for the day

No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one :- Elbert Hubbard

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